Course Offerings


While we provide core subjects that are necessary to graduate high school, we also offer classes and subjects not available elsewhere.  Courses offered can be based on student interest and individuals can help determine their own class schedules.  Our students flourish in a program that offers a wider range of classes, challenges the imagination and emphasizes hands-on experience.  Course offerings include:

  • Mathematics: Pre-algebra, algebra 1 and 2, geometry, calculus, statistics, special topics, bookkeeping, survival (basic math skills)
  • English: Composition, creative writing, poetry, journalism, research, technical writing, classical and modern plays, questions and debate, contemporary, and classical literature, critical analysis, film criticism, magazine/newsletter production, beat literature, storytelling, journaling
  • Language: German, French, Spanish, American sign language
  • Science: Biology, botany, ecology, physics, human physiology, anthropology, archeology, animal behavior, life, earth, physical, astronomy, chemistry, materials, herpetology (reptiles), rocket science
  • History: Ancient, Celtic, European, U.S., World, Native American history and culture, mythology, economics, U.S. government, Latin America, international studies, art history, music history
  • Social Studies: Psychology, philosophy, ethics, sociology, world religions, American religions, contemporary issues, media and the law, social ethics, professions
  • Computers: Networking, information security, programming, hardware maintenance and repair, desktop publishing, web page design, software
  • Arts/Crafts/Multimedia: drawing, water color, painting, macrame, weaving, fabric painting and dyeing, silk-screening, stained glass design and construction, pottery, clay, wood and stone sculpture, jewelry design, bead work, embroidery, calligraphy, chain mail construction, photography, darkroom techniques, drama, videography, metallurgy, puppets, shoemaking, leatherwork, woodworking, field trips to artists’ studios, museums and galleries
  • Music: History, theory, appreciation, composition, guitar, piano, drums, beat, rock and roll
  • Wellness (Health and P.E.): Swimming, yoga, backpacking, caving, climbing, survival skills, wilderness skills, group interaction, nutrition, peer mediation, personal development, first aid, martial arts, fencing, soccer
  • Practical Skills: Carpentry, building renovation, auto mechanics, bicycle maintenance, electronics, cooking, sewing and clothing construction, computer usage, Internet, web page design, office skills, computer construction, drafting, horticulture, chess
  • Volunteer Activities: community theaters, neighborhood improvement, nature centers, animal care, community kitchens, inner city medical clinic, charitable agencies, Knoxville Museum of Art