Mission & Vision

Our Mission:  Laurel High School of Arts & Science nurtures academic excellence in extraordinary students within an inclusive, individualized, family environment.  We were founded in 1971 and are non-profit.

Our Vision:  We seek to expand both enrollment and the facility.  We will serve students who are energized, focused and having fun in our learning environment.  We make every effort to sustain financially in order to provide a competitive salary and benefits to staff along with a state of the art facility to students.  We strive to be recognized for academic excellence and as an asset to the community.

Mission Goals:

In keeping with Laurel High School’s philosophy, we encourage students to:

  1. actively participate in their educational experience.
  2. have something they are interested in doing all of the time they are here.
  3. feel safe and supported in a positive learning environment.
  4. contribute to a sense of community and ownership within the school.
  5. participate in volunteer activity in the community to promote a sense of social responsibility and social justice.
  6. develop a strong sense of ethical awareness and personal integrity.
  7. develop a sense of environmental responsibility.
  8. achieve a reasonable level of proficiency in academic, interpersonal and practical skills, advancing and exploring academic, artistic and/or vocational interests, each at his/her own pace.
  9. develop and maintain physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.
  10. prepare for their career choices by making progress toward graduation with goals for college and/or a vocation.

How Our Goals Are Achieved:

  1. Students’ interests and goals are met through their involvement in curriculum development and requests for particular classes. Class schedules are flexible and a wide variety of academic, creative and vocational classes are offered.
  2. The staff and students demonstrate mutual respect toward one another through their actions and verbal/nonverbal communication.
  3. During classroom discussions, students acknowledge the rights of others, including those with whom they disagree, to express their views or opinions.
  4. Students participate in school guideline/policy development and decision making via input submitted at school meetings and/or to an elected student representative to the Board of Directors.
  5. Students participate in community volunteer work to foster a sense of social responsibility.
  6. Physical, mental and emotional health and well-being are promoted via physical activities (e.g., wilderness skills) and services such as mediation and counseling.
  7. Students are encouraged to meet with persons/professionals who are actively engaged in the students’ prospective career choices and to obtain information regarding career choices