LHS Sci Fi Club

We are the sci-fi club.  Back at public school you may have known us from detention, gym class, or at the back of the room.  With those days behind us we now enjoy dicking around on the internet, and plan the prospect of making an abridged series.  With the harnessed power of the internet we will post random stuff; like movie reviews, comics, anime reviews, game reviews,  zombie survival guides, and flash game of the week.

Flash Game of the Week

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Movie Review

Zombie Survival Tips

Tip # 1. Don’t go to largely populated areas.

Tip # 2. Stay in small groups normally 3-5 people.

Tip # 3. Use quieter or melee weapons.

Tip # 4. If  you hold up in a building, board it properly and stay quiet.

Tip # 5. Bring something to entertain yourself.

Tip # 6. Have fun, because any moment could be your last.

Tip # 7. If the zombies bite you, bite the zombies back.

Tip # 8. While in a group take turns sleeping and keeping watch.

Tip # 9. Don’t shoot each other.

Tip # 10. Don’t die!

Tip # 11. Always be well prepared.

Tip # 12. Take advantage of the terrain around you.

Tip # 13. Stay away from hospitals…. dumbass

Tip # 14. Stay off of highways because of wrecked vehicles.

Tip # 15. Keep first aid supplies around.

Tip # 16. Stock up on gas and non-perishable foods.

Tip # 17. Don’t believe the military.

Tip # 18. Do not go in somewhere alone.

Tip # 19. Keep fresh batteries for flashlights.

Tip # 20. Do not ride a bike during the zombie apocalypse.

Tip # 21. Watch out for carriers in your group.

Tip # 22. Just because they’re dead doesn’t mean they don’t have testicles. Kick ‘em hard and hold on.

Tip # 23. Remember stealing is not illegal when every one is dead.

Tip # 24. Stairs are good for escape against your basic zombies.

Tip # 25. Keep the zombies at a distance to stay safe.

Tip # 26. Remember: the bigger the car the more points you get.

Tip # 27. Smaller cars get you more miles per gallon.

Tip # 28. Zombies can be ANYWHERE.

Tip # 29. Don’t panic.

Tip # 30. If you are in too big of a group friendly fire can be a problem.

Tip # 31. Propane tanks and gas can don’t explode when you shoot them.

Tip # 32. When making your plan take in mind that others will have a plan too.

Tip # 33. Work out often because you are going need cardio.

Game Reviews

The next game review is dante’s inferno. Dante’s Inferno is based off the original book ‘the divine comedy’ by Dante Alighieri. You start off as dante fighting in the crusades in acre to take back the holy land. You get killed and you feel that you don’t deserve to die so you kill death and take his scythe and go back to your house in Italy and you find your father and your fiance’ dead, you arrive in time to see her get taken off by satan and you follow them back to hell, where you go through the nine circles of hell. You start off in limbo where you find the pagans and King minos who judges the damned to their circle of hell. you kill king minos continue on to lust where you find cleopatra and those who had lustful lives and cleopatra you go along in lust untill you fight cleopatra who sends marc antony to fight you, you beat and and kill cleopatra. you start into gluttony where you first fight cerberus a three-headed worm. then you continue on through where you find the damned to be forever in the mud and raining of mud. you keep going to the next circle, Greed. when you first get in greed you find your father, who was condemned in hell for being greedy and gluttonous, you play through seeing people who were greedy suffering in pots of melted gold and in veins of gold, you fight your father and beat him and absolve him and send him to heaven. you continue to anger, you cross the river styx unknowingly on the top of Phleygas the guardian of the river styx and you continue into the city of dis on the back of phleygas. after you are in the city of dis you are in the lower circles of hell, the first lower circle is heresy, the ones who are damned because of not believing in god, you do just a lot of platforming and puzzles in this circle untill you come to the gates of of violence which has three parts, those who did harm to their neighbors, those who did harm to themselves and those who did harm to god. first is the phlegethon, which includes those who did harm to themselves which includes atila the hun and others. then you continue onto the suicide woods where you find your mother and learn that she killed herself when you were little and your father lied to you, you absolve her and continue onto the the burning sands and find your brother-in-law, fransesco, who died because of your wrong doing and you fight and absolve him and move into fraud which holds the Malebolge 10 different stages and challenges, the first pretaining to panderers and seducers, the second belongs to the flatterers, the next pretains to those who commited simony, those who sold indulgences for people who have gone to hell, then the next is for diviners, those who walk forever with their heads backwards for thinking they can see through the eyes of god, then grafters who embezzlthen the next is the hypocrites, then the thieves then the evil counselors then the sowers of discord then the falsifiers. after that you absolve beatrice and continue into the ninth circle, treachery, there the damned are put there for betraying their neighbors, themselves, and god, set farthest from heaven, and home to lucifer himself, you cross the bridge to fight lucifer and you find that he was a giant himself,  he tells you his plan to take over purgatory and then paradise, and he shows you that when you were stabbed you actually died,  so you use all the souls you absolved along the way to condemn satan back into his giant body forever to stay in hell. then it takes you back to eden where man itself came into being

Our thoughts: the game was pretty good as far as following the book, between all the button mashing and button sequences the game was pretty good and the game is just awesome in general. We give it a 9.5/10

Alternative MMOs

Why pay for what you can get for free? Especially if that free game is better than what you would have to pay money for.  So the review this time is on Perfect World International, perhaps the best MMO I have played and for free. The first aspect I would like to note is the friendly atmosphere.  No matter what you do any MMO will have jerks, self righteous and immature people, it is a fundemental law of gaming. However, on PWI (Perfect World International) they seem to be at a minimum. The majority of the people on PWI are infact helpful. Another wonderful aspect of the game is all the loop hole, yes I said loop holes. The loop holes are for the extra items you can pay money for if you wish, however you can exchange money you earned in game (coins) for gold and silver (used in the boutique for extra items).  The extra items include fashion which you can dye to any color, extra flying items such as wings, flying beasts and flying weapons (yeah you can even fly around on a giant sword, why I’m not sure but it is pretty bad ass).